About Me

My favorite things in the world to do are to travel. to take photographs, to meet and connect with people, to explore new places and have interesting adventures, to experience as much of life in this world that I possibly can in this short lifespan of mine and to share all this with others.

I love getting lost and finding my new bearings.  I find that the more lost I get in a new place when exploring, the more I find within myself.  The more I find within myself, the more I am able to share with the world.

I have worked as a location scout on feature films and TV shows including Jumanji, Mission Impossible 4; Ghost Protocol, Transformers, The Soloist, Get Smart, Modern Family, 8 Mile, Red Eye, Hancock, Ghost Whisperer, Scorpion and many others.

Taking photographs is a privilege for me.  Photography is oxygen for my soul; a universal language that speaks directly to the heart, transcending all barriers where no words are needed, that expresses feelings and emotions in a way that sometimes surpasses words.

I am passionate about creating moments in time with my photos that tell a compelling story and am driven to bear witness to moments in time whether they are joyful or tragic, to tell a story, to share a moment, to share information with others to inspire them and motivate them to live every day to the fullest and share meaningful stories with everyone.

– My first photo of my parents, Irena & Zen Tomkiw when I was 2 1/2 years old